My new web page is up and running.
So I will be shutting this one down.
Right now the link to my new sight is:
Soon will connet my to this link.

you should be redirected to my new page above:-)

 You can email me at


Leather-bound Miniature Book Necklaces.
Please remember that these are each
 individually handmade by me.
They may take some time to complete, but if
 you are in a rush you can email me and I
should be able to accommodate by the date you need.
These books are blank inside unless otherwise stated.
Comes with an adjustable aged brass chain.

Vampire Bat Red Leather Book Necklace
(Heart chain is not available at this time)

6 Tiny books necklace
Please email me to see if available

Witch Pentagram Book
the look of the pentagram on the front may vary.
Contact me if you need more info.

Blue Moon Book with gold embossing

Steam Punk
wood covered book with brass gears (non working)

Blue Gold Embossed Leather Book

Plain Tiny Leather book
Dark brown

Plain tiny leather book
Light Brown

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